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First time actually on here in forever and I’m starting to see why. Tumblr sends me to a dark place. I can scroll through my blog or my dashboard and relive everything i don’t want to remember. This is where all my emotions ended up and where every dark thought has come. I’m glad i haven’t been on here in months. My life has been completely reconstructed since i last actually logged in done of it i wish i could have back but most of it i don’t miss. When i have the will power to make this a less depressing blog I’ll be back. But until then enjoy my occaisional Instagram posts

#tbt to that same parking spot where we used to just sit and talk. I wish so bad that this was more than just a memory now. Things were perfect. We had plans together. We had life all planned out. And now it’s all just been left behind in pictures and thoughts in my head. I know we’re not on speaking terms by any means, but I’ll always love you and I’ll always get the same feeling when you come to mind.

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